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ATTENTION PARENTS: The Dickinson Police Department has made Dickinson Public Schools aware of an extremely dangerous and potentially lethal drug called fentanyl that is in the area.  Available at the below link is a video and documents to provide more information regarding this drug.  Please review the information and discuss it with your children.



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First Place in Chicago

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First Place in Chicago

Mickellyn Walker has won first place at the National Hoop Shoot Contest in Chicago.  She is a third grader here at Heart River and her mom is one of our 5th grade teachers.  We are very proud of Mickellyn and honored to say that she is part of our school.  Click on the link below to read the article that was in the newspaper.


The Dickinson Press

“5th Grade Research Links”

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The Erie Canal
1. National Geographic-Creating Canals (video):

The Gold Rush
1. PBS.org-map of the largest strikes:
2. History.com-videos:
The Gold Rush (2:37)

The Homestead Act
1. PBS.org-Frontier House video clips:

Lewis and Clark
1. Discovering Lewis and Clark:
2. National Geographic:
3. Kids Know It: Educational video with quiz:
4. National Geographic: Sacagawea:
6. Lewis and Clark Expedition (2:00)
7. Lewis and Clark Campsite (3:00)

The Louisiana Purchase
1. Louisiana Purchase Timeline, 1802-07 (from Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial):
2. Library of Congress-Primary documents:
3. Avalon Project at Yale Law Library-Primary documents:
4. WatchKnowLearn.org: Louisiana Purchase in a Nutshell (1:11)
5. History.com-videos:
6. LA Purchase Doubles Size of America (2:00)
7. Jefferson Expands Presidential Power (3:36)

The Oregon Trail
1. WatchKnowLearn.org-videos: In the Wake of Lewis and Clark (5:39)

The Pony Express
1. National Geographic-map and photographs:

The Trail of Tears
1. “We Shall Remain” (5:27) from PBS Learning Media:

The Transcontinental Railroad
1. PBS.org-photo gallery:
2. History.com-videos:
The Transcontinental Railroad (4:00):
Evolution of Railroads (5:00):

The US-Mexican War
1. Interactive timeline:
2. 24 short video clips:
3. America’s Story-Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo:
4. Library of Congress-Photographs from the conflict with Mexico:

1. America: The Story of Us: The Alamo (2:37)
2. Alamo: Deconstructed: