Fun Run

Fun Run

Heart River Elementary Fun Run
Sponsored by the Heart River Elementary PAC
What: Students will raise money for their school by collecting donations for running laps around their school.

Where: Heart River Elementary

When: May 3, 2019, during your student’s gym class time

Kindergarten: 8:40-9:20
First Grade: 1:40-2:20
Second Grade: 1:00-1:40
Third Grade: 12:20-1:00
Fourth Grade: 10:00-10:40
Fifth Grade: 9:20-10:00
Adaptive: 10:40-11:00

How You Can Help:
Rally around your student for the fundraiser by asking family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor your child(ren). Use the bright green envelopes to collect donations in the next two weeks and/or fill out the attached form and return it to school in order to collect donations electronically. You can also share your student’s 99 Pledges account on Facebook!
***All Donations Due: Tuesday May 7!***

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